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Spring Cleaning Is a Bug's Worst Nightmare

Spring Cleaning Is a Bug's Worst Nightmare

February is fading fast, and that means spring is in the air! The season of rebirth is a wonderful time of year thanks to its mix of sprouting buds and the return of wildlife. But it also presents an opportunity for undesirable pests to make themselves comfortable inside your home.

What Makes Spring Important for Pest Control?

Over the winter, animals look for a place with reliable warmth, food and water. Unfortunately for you, your home is one of the best places for them to find those essentials. Still, they tend to stay hidden and dormant for the season. 

Once spring comes into effect, there are more resources to be found, and the pests will begin to wander from their safe habitats as they become crowded with higher populations.

Which Pests Should I Watch Out For?

The passing of winter signals a time for many animals to get back to what they do best: making babies and eating food. House flies, fruit flies and mosquitoes will serve as a warning for moisture and messes that have been left unattended. 

Spiders, although helpful in fighting some pests, will become more apparent as other insects return to provide them sustenance. Cockroaches inside the home can be active no matter the season, but they will almost certainly become more active and adventurous in the spring. 

House flies, fruit flies and mosquitoes will serve as a warning for moisture and messes that have been left unattended.

How Can I Stave Off the Invasion?

The most important thing that homeowners and business managers can do to prevent the sudden onset of a springtime scourge is to perform a thorough and deep cleaning of the entire building. This has been a part of modern human civilization for so long that the concept of "spring cleaning" ventures across various cultures and continents. 

During this time, instead of just the normal cleaning routine where you tackle the day-to-day messes like the washing the dishes and taking out the trash, it's best to include specially-targeted sessions designed to hit the areas that are frequently forgotten.

Dig deep into your cabinets and pantries, clearing out any debris you find while checking the stock for any signs of damage. Even food that has an expiration date far in the future can be contaminated if pests chew their way to a meal. Peer under, around and on top of every surface for signs of rodent or insect activity, such as waste.

Schedule an Inspection Before Spring!

Is There Anyone Who Can Help?

A thorough cleaning of all the nooks and crannies can help, but it may not be enough to keep the unwanted guests out of your home. Homeowners across Campbell, Boone and Kenton counties can call on Snowball Pest Control for a full inspection by a professional extermination service that knows how to find the craftier critters that do their best to avoid getting the boot. 

If we find any pests, we can quickly handle the issue while on site, making your home your own again with our rapid response.

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