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New Years Resolutions You Should Make for Improved Pest Control

New Years Resolutions You Should Make for Improved Pest Control

What items make your yearly resolutions list? Losing weight? Better time management? Pest control?  Maybe the last item isn't a yearly standby, but it should be. After all, the opposite probably isn't on your list either, "This year, I resolve that my home will become infested with pests." Thankfully, developing a few easy habits will help you keep your pest control resolution.

I Resolve to Make My Home Unattractive ... to Pests

First and foremost, the easiest way to keep pests away from your home is to make it unattractive to them. Pests, especially critters like cockroaches, look for a steady source of food and water. Your home is like a grocery store for them. To make your home less appealing to pests, you should: 

  • Clean up standing or dripping water, especially in out of the way places like under the sink
  • Clean up crumbs and sticky spills on the kitchen floor
  • Keep garbage contained in covered cans away from your home and off of the kitchen floor
  • Clean out your pantry and wipe down kitchen counters and cabinet shelves regularly to clean up crumbs

I Resolve to Eliminate Pest Access to My Home

Pests cannot infest your home if they cannot gain access. Each spring and fall, make your home pest-proof. Examine the exterior of your home for cracks and small holes. Use a high-quality exterior caulk to fill holes and cracks in the foundation, around windows and in the siding seams. If you make your home hard to penetrate, pests will move on a to an easier target.

Prevent termites and carpenter ants by moving firewood away

I Resolve to Prevent Hitchhikers 

Many pests enter your home because you unknowingly bring them in. Bedbugs, fruit flies, etc., are notorious hitchhikers. So how do you keep them at bay?

  • Inspect your groceries as you place them in your grocery cart. Look for damaged plastic, small eggs and webs, especially in the corners of packaged foods or on fresh produce
  • If you find evidence of pests once you get home, take the affected package to the outdoor trash and clean the pantry thoroughly
  • Firewood is the vehicle of choice for termites and carpenter ants. Store firewood away from the home and burn the oldest logs first. Do not keep a large stockpile of wood inside the home
  • Check any used or rented furniture carefully for bedbugs, fleas and other pests before bringing it into your home
  • If you think you have come in contact with bedbugs while traveling, place the affected shoes and clothing in a sealed plastic bag. When you get home, wash and dry the clothing on the hottest water and dryer settings the fabric can withstand for at least 30 minutes to kill the pests

I Resolve to Schedule a Pest Inspection

At the first signs of pests in your home, hire a qualified pest control company to perform an inspection and make recommendations for extermination. Some pests, such as bedbugs, can spread quickly and require professional bed bug extermination services. They should not be tackled with home remedies.

Make us part of your New Year's resolutions this year. Contact Snowball Pest Control to schedule an in-home inspection at 859-635-7793.

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