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Why It's Important To Use Environmentally Friendly Pest Control

Why It's Important To Use Environmentally Friendly Pest Control

For half a century, people have lived with pesticides. What we discovered after the use of harsh pesticides, such as DDT, is that it becomes a bigger issue to tackle pest control without a broader look at both the environmental impact of pesticides. Upon learning of the negative impact pesticides have on the environment and on people who come into contact with them, manufacturers developed green approaches to pest management that were both effective against the targeted pests and safe for the environment and families. 

So why is it so important to use environmentally friendly pest control methods? Keep reading to find out. 

Protecting Good Insects

If you open up a document about bees, there's a good chance that it will tell you that honey bee colonies are dying out quickly. A great deal of research went into to figuring out what the cause was, and although the resulting findings showed there were a variety of reasons, one of them was rather simple. That simple answer was that the mixture of pesticides and fungicides that the bees pick up while gathering pollen are then brought back to the hive, where they poison the colony. That is a simple explanation, but it points out the fact that use of pesticides has a bigger impact than the intentional usage. 

Primary and Secondary Contact

Who plays on the lawn? Your kids. Who holds and cuddles the dog? Likely everyone in the household. The point here is that transfer from an environmental application of pesticides occurs through direct contact, such as kids playing on the lawn, or through a secondary contact, pets playing on the lawn and then getting into your lap. The result is that kids and adults become exposed to pesticides through casual contact without even knowing.

Broad-based pesticides do more harm than good because they are not specific to a single pest. They provide toxins that harm children and pets, and because children and pets are smaller, it takes fewer toxins to do damage to them than to adults. By using an environmentally sensitive pesticide, the risk of secondary exposure drops. 

Pets Can Transfer Pesticides from the Yard to Your Home

Green Pest Control 

There are green ways to deal with pests. The environmental pesticide for the treatment of termites contains orange oil as an active ingredient. Orange oil is not toxic to pets, children, adults or termites. It is, however, toxic to the bacterial flora that live in the digestive tracks of termites. Without the beneficial bacteria, the termites die. This is a perfect example of a non-toxic way to kill off termites without bringing a harmful chemical into the home. 

At Snowball Pest Control, we put safety and service first above everything else. That is why we don't use any harsh chemicals that can harm people or their pets. We use natural pest repellents that are safe, economical and also friendly to the environment. We always use the highest safety precautions to make sure any materials are out of reach of children and pets. Contact us today if you want to learn more about our environmentally-friendly pest control services or to schedule an appointment. 

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