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Keep Pests Out of Your House This Thanksgiving

Keep Pests Out of Your House This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just as much of a holiday for pests as it is for you and your family. That's right, bugs like thanksgiving too. With all of the festivities, little crumbs find their way into some of the oddest places. If you would rather not celebrate the holidays with a house full of insects, then these little tips might help save the day. 

Schedule an Inspection

First up is to call your local exterminator and have them do an inspection. If your home is free of ants, spiders and crawling insects, then likely they will advise you to allow them to lay down a perimeter of protection. Typically that will involve using a spray that kills insects on contact and then laying down a two-way pellet that slowly releases pesticide over time, providing bait for the insect to take back to their nests. The pesticide perimeter helps to keep your free of insects all year long. 

Check Your Groceries

Groceries like bananas and other produce can harbor pests such as spiders and cockroaches. Salad fixings, herbs and other greens that you buy in large quantities can also contain unwanted pests. Making sure that your fruits and vegetables are clean is an excellent way to prevent unwanted pest issues. One female cockroach lays a single egg sac that contains upwards of 50 or more eggs. The second generation is capable of producing 1,250 eggs if only half of the brood is female. You can see why an infestation of cockroaches is so difficult to control. Check your groceries for unwanted pests before using them.

If you are concerned about bed bugs (and really, who isn't?) ask the pest control company about their bed bug extermination process. Don't worry, bed bugs are dealt with by using steam and heat rather than pesticides, so it's safe to exterminate bed bugs during the busy holiday season. 

Clean Up Quickly to Prevent Pests from Feeding on Your Crumbs

Clean up Quickly

When you prep food for the big day, remember to clean up quickly. Little stray bits of food might not seem like a huge ordeal, but when you are the size of a dime, a crumb is a buffet. The takeaway here is to make sure that you wipe down the counters and sweep the floor, because when you prepare a large meal like Thanksgiving dinner, it becomes easy to let things sit.

Insects are very adept at finding food. Their antennae have thousands of receptors that help them locate food. Food also is designed to attract insects, so as it ages, it gives off specific chemicals that alert insects that there is a feast. Because we are talking about a chemical trail, it is easy for insects to find food. With humans, it would be like asking someone to follow a painted line to find the bathroom. Cleaning up stops that process and keeps insects guessing about where food is. That is another reason the outside perimeter pesticide barrier works so well. 

A few precautions work well to keep your holiday meals pest free. Remember to start with a pest inspection and an outside protective barrier. You can do you part by making sure to inspect produce and cleanup after cooking. 

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