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What Are the Most Common Fall Pests?

What Are the Most Common Fall Pests?

Summer’s over, a new season is here, and many pests are hunkering down and seeking new quarters for the cooler weather. Here are some of the most prevalent fall pests and how to minimize their invasion.  


Mice and rats love filth and decay, and they spread bacteria. You should take steps to practice pest control and keep these highly undesirable pests from entering your home or building. Rodents can scamper indoors through an opening as small as a nickel. So be sure to caulk cracks around baseboards and along the foundation of the home. Try to keep kitchen cabinets, countertops and all areas of the home free of food waste and trash. Place food waste in a sealed trash or garbage can. Remove leaves from gutters and from around the foundation of the home.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are very active at night. Typically they infest mattresses, boxes, shoes and suitcases. Although they do not spread disease, they can be quite the nuisance because they bite you and make you itch and scratch. Some people react to bed bugs by throwing out their mattresses. Rather than do that, pest control companies suggest people call them first because they are well-equipped to perform bed bug extermination. 

As solutions to bed bug infestation, pest control companies may offer heat treatments, locally applied agents or, in the worst cases, fumigation. Heat might not work well when it’s really cold. Local agents work best when the infestation is not heavy. Fumigation is sure to kill every last bed bug, but it is not a permanent fix. Discuss your options with pest control specialists. Once an exterminator eliminates bed bugs, you can help prevent them from coming back by vacuuming floors and furniture daily using a vacuum with a hose. You should also vacuum the nooks and crevices of beds. 

Bed Bugs Don't Spread Disease, But They Can Be Quite the Nuisance


Fight ants by sealing cracks so they can’t enter your home or building. They like to congregate in and around homes in the fall. Some ants make homes smell bad and infest food. Others bite people. Carpenter ants can damage building structures. One form of preventive pest control against ants is to keep tree branches cut back so the ants can’t use trees to come inside.


In the fall, wasps are prevalent because they are very active building their nests and looking for additional sources of food. They pose a danger to some people who are allergic to their stings. Make sure your windows and doors have screens to keep them out of your home. 


Dangerous pests, cockroaches can spread more than 30 kinds of bacteria. They can also agitate asthma in children. They like to frequent areas around drains and pipes. Keeping kitchens and bathrooms clean and regular vacuuming is part of pest control for these creatures. 

Pest control companies not only treat pest invasions, but they also have excellent solutions for keeping pests from entering your home. If you're having trouble keeping these bothersome pests out of your home, give Snowball Pest Control a call. 

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