Snowball Pest Control   4634 Mary Ingles Hwy  Highland Heights,KY41076   (859) 635-7793
Snowball Pest Control
4634 Mary Ingles Hwy
Highland HeightsKY 41076
 (859) 635-7793

Reviews Of Snowball Pest Control

4.98 54 Reviews
Donald Wisdom
Dec 13, 2016

Chez Rounce
Dec 12, 2016

The team is very attentive and helpful. They answer any questions, and are always extremely thorough! Eric is one the most polite and accommodating people I've met, and is very proficient at what he does. Definitely recommend this busines!

Courtney Dexter
Dec 12, 2016

Eric was so friendly, I would recommend snowball to anyone I know with a pest issue.

Kerrye Hurst
Dec 11, 2016

Had another company doing my pest control and we still were having pest issues. Snowball came after one treatment we noticed a difference! They have great customer service and the work is top notch.

Emily Kay
Dec 09, 2016

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