Snowball Pest Control
101 Beacon Dr 3
WilderKY 41076
Pests Don't Stand a Snowball's Chance

Pest Control Wilder, Kentucky

Since 1990, Snowball Pest Control in Wilder, KY, has been helping to keep area homes and businesses free of pests. As a locally and family owned company, we take pride in providing our customers with exceptional service and affordable rates on pest control and extermination. With over 20 years of experience, our technicians possess the knowledge and the know-how to efficiently and effectively rid your house or business of pests like bed bugs, termites, wasps, and more. In addition to ridding your house of unwanted insect infestations, our pest control company also offers preventative pest management to keep bugs from moving in in the first place. We exterminate and control pests including:
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Pest Control Wilder, Kentucky | Snowball Pest Control at 101 Beacon Dr, 3, Wilder, KY

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Snowball Pest Control
101 Beacon Dr 3
WilderKY 41076

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